Principal Investigator


Kyle Orwig, PhD
OB/GYN and Reproductive Sciences with Secondary appointments in
Microbiology and Molecular Genetics and Developmental Biology

Administrative Contact

Jennifer Orwig
Phone: 412-641-2415


Lab Members

2015-09-03 08.55.40_3Sherin David, MS
Graduate Student



Adetunji_thumbAdetunji Fayomi, BS, DVM
Graduate Student



Leila Hilal
Undergraduate Student Researcher



Chatchanan Doungkamchan, MD
Graduate Student


Hanna Valli-Pulaski, PhD
Research Assistant Professor



Lin Lin
Visiting Scholar



Jen_thumbJen Orwig, BS
Research Manager



Sarah Steimer, MS
Research Associate


sheng_thumbYi Sheng, MD, PhD
Research Assistant Professor



meena_thumbMeena Sukhwani, PhD
Research Manager


Sarah Munyoki, BS

Graduate Student

Stephanie Rothenberg, MD
REI Fellow

Lab Alumni