Kien Tran and Sarah Munyoki are awarded NIH F31 grants  
September 2020

Live Offspring after Testis Tissue Transplantation                                                                                                                                                                                                                    October 2019

Baby monkey is the first primate created using sperm from tissue transplanted into dad  
March 2019

Kien Tran receives appointment on NIH CATER T32 award  
September 2018

Sarah Munyoki receives appointment on NIH RDGF T32 award  
September 2017

Adetunji Fayomi  invited to give oral talk at the American Society for Andrology Annual Meeting  
April 2017

Babies from skin cells?
IEEE Pulse

PhD graduate student, Chatchanan Doungkamchan, receives best poster presentation at Cornell University Reproductive Genomics Symposium                                                     April 2016

Adetunji Fayomi and Chatchanan Doungkamchan invited to give oral talks at the American Society for Andrology Annual Meeting  
April 2016

Matrika Johnson invited to give platform presentation at the Pacific Coast Reproductive Society meeting and wins 2nd prize
March 2015

The Consequences of Curing Childhood Cancer
Pacific Standard

Doctors Aim to Save Fertility of Kids with Cancer
USA Today

Cancer-drug infertility reversed